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Why do perks expire?

The primary reason we gave perks an expiration date is to avoid passing a tax burden on to your employees. When a perk expires the money is returned to your SimplePerks account.

What happens to the money after a perk expires?

When a perk expires, it’s unspent balance is returned to your account as SimplePerks Credit. You can use your SimplePerks Credit for future perks or withdraw it at anytime. A general rule of thumb, expect on average around 60% of a perk to be spent. So at Acme Inc. A $20 Team Lunch Perk for a team of 10 Costs $200. On average you can expect around $80 to come back as credit.

Why is there a perk fee?

When you create a new perk, we charge a small percentage fee to cover the setup costs of creating the perk. For recurring perks, this charge only happens on the first payment.

How can I cash out my SimplePerks credit?

You can email [email protected] at anytime to request a cash-out on your SimplePerks credit. We’ll then refund the card you used within 5-7 business days.

How do I cancel my SimplePerks account?

Due to the nature of carrying a SimplePerks credit, to cancel your account please email [email protected] and request a cancelation. We’ll cancel your subscription, close out any recurring perks you have, and refund your card with your account credit within 5-7 business days.

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